Swine Farm
     Systematic farm management by emphasizing on animals’ welfare and safety, including the conservation of environment. All five branches of Samphran Farm Co., Ltd., therefore, received a certification of farm standard from the Department of Livestock Development. Our farm meet the requirement of acceptable standard by operating  accordingly with the compliance in terms of farm management, animal health management and environment management in order to produce hygienic swines which are appropriate for the consumers. Besides, all the five branches of Samphran Farm received a certification of standard farm for export.

     Additionally, Samphran Farm has developed the natural approaches of domestication by operating accordingly with the approach of organic agriculture which are to raise the swine using free-range production system and to avoid the usage of chemical substances and beta-agonist. The space of farm was designed based on natural behaviors of swines; for example, meadow, pond, and indoor pig corral. The pigs are capable of living and eating freely, soaking to deal with the heat, exercising within freerange farm in order to gain the nutrients naturally. Grass fiber can strengthen the animal health and they shall become durable to the diseases.

     Moreover, every single pig from Samphran Farm is raised with animal feed which are supplementary with herbs; for example, Kariyat, Guava Leaf, and Turmeric in order to generate healthy swines. We avoid using antibiotics and we do care about the environment and alternative energy. All of our farms, thus, established the effective water treatment system. We have also adopted biogas system, into our farm, to use as an alternative energy and to save the energy. In 2017, the company installed solar rooftop system to campaign the energy which are clean and environment friendly.

     After the production processes of quality swines which are free from antibioticsand contamination, the farm needs to collect the blood and urine sample of the swines to the Department of Livestock Development before delivering to the slaughterhouse to ensure that Samphran Farm’s swines are free from beta-agonist and antibiotics which are dangerous for the consumers.

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