The differences of beta-agonist free pork, hygienic pork, and pork derived from free-range production system of Samphran Farm

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The differences of beta-agonist free pork, hygienic pork, and pork derived from free-range production system of Samphran Farm

Many people may be curious what are the differences between the types of pork, like “beta-agonist free pork or hygienic pork”, sold in the market. Some may doubt the speciality of Free-Range Pork/Natural Meat produced by Samphran Farm. People may assume that all the difference terms just refer to the same animal. In fact, the attributes of three types of pork mentioned earlier are distinctly different.

Beta-agonist free pork

This term defines the pork which is free from beta-agonist. However, other processes like slaughtering and cutting can be proceeded at anywhere and with any manners. The term beta-agonist free pork is only to certify that “This farm do not use beta-agonist”. Therefore, you cannot tell whether the pork is safe and hygienic or not. It is merely better than the pork with beta-agonist, right?

Hygienic Pork

It is another step to claim that the pork produced in strict manufacturing process is fresh, clean, and safe. The farm must be certified by the Department of Livestock Development as a “Standardized Farm”. The farm must be equipped with diseases control system. It must be managed correctly in order to control the disease that might infect the swines. Moreover, the usage of prohibited chemical substances must be controlled. The blood and urine of swines must be tested before processing as pork in order to ensure that it is free from beta-agonist and antibiotics. These are just the beginning step of hygienic pork as the slaughter process must be proceeded in the factory certified and permitted as “Hygienic meat manufacturing location”. The pigs must be relaxed as much as possible during the conveyance. The truck must provide proper space. In processing process, the pork must never be placed on the floor. The cleanness of tools, mechanisms, equipment, and the hygiene of staff are also important. The production room must be tight and equipped with the temperature controller. It must be free from insects and disease vectors. The sample of flesh must be rechecked to ensure that it is free from beta-agonist and harmful bacteria. For delivering process, the product must be conveyed by trucks equipped with the cold chain system. Therefore, you can be confident that hygienic pork is free from chemical substances and bacteria which may be the cause of food poisoning.

Natural Pork/Natural Meat

This term refers to the swines domesticated in free-range production system. They were in a good mood and happy. Instead of growing in a narrow space, they get a chance to run in wild meadow, drink clean water, soak in the pond to deal with the heat, rest and eat at the indoor zone. The swines grew in free-range production system has good mental health, no stress, and healthy. Thus, the chemical substances is not necessary in curing diseases. Additionally, the pig get to consume herbal supplements, such as, Kariyat, Turmeric, and Guava Leaf to strengthen its health and to enhance its good taste. Its production processes are similar to hygienic pork, but having higher standard. How? The swines domesticated in free-range production system are processed in Samphran Slaughter House which is GMP and HACCP certified for export purposes, including certified by standard of “ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management”. Every process is managed strictly, even more than the production in the hygienic meat production factory. Last but not least, many international researches stated that “natural pork is softer, less  in cholesterol compared to general pork, and tastier. Besides, it contains amino acid and protein which are healthier than general pork.

Now that you are aware of the differences of beta-agonist free pork, hygienic pork, and pork derived from free-range production system. We hope that you gain more knowledge about how to make a purchase decision of pork.We wish you all are healthy.


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